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Release Notes: All the notes from the old site and more!

March 20th, 2018 Release:

  • Updated the Next Ask field to now be a calendar input.
  • We’ve replaced the green save successful bar with a green box in the top corner.
  • Added “Add Tag” to Action menu in Tasks.

February 27th, 2018 Release:

  • You can now add multiple lines to an address. Previously, MPDX only allowed one line in the address street field. Now, you can add as many lines to the address field. If you need to add a C/O to the address, feel free. If your address requires a second line for business name or apartment number, feel free. The Street line now allows you to enter as many lines as you’d like. These fields also export properly for doing mail merges.
  • We’ve added a Dutch translation to MPDX.
  • There was an issue with TntConnect import causing trouble for spouses creating a new account. We have fixed the issue. If you and your spouse have had trouble accessing your shared account properly, please email our help desk.
  • We discovered the contacts list was not properly sorting alphabetically in some minor cases. We fixed the issue.
  • We added a few new task results to certain tasks. Now, Letter, Support Letter, and Thank tasks can be marked as Received as well as Done.
  • Added ability to remove a due date from a task.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate contacts breaking add contact field in task screen.
  • There was an issue where using the Next Action task option wouldn’t properly bring over the contact. We’ve now fixed it.

February 13th, 2018 Release:

  • We’ve updated email notification preferences to be more personal. In the past, if you managed an MPDX account with multiple people, everybody had to receive the same email notifications. NOW email preferences are personal to you, so you can decide what, if any, email notifications you want to receive. This is set per account, so if you oversee multiple accounts, you can personalize the emails you want to receive for every account you help with.
  • We noticed that some of our exports weren’t properly excluding people marked as deceased. We have resolved this now for all exports.
  • Our newsletter filter on contacts had a glitch where “All” didn’t filter properly. Now, when selecting the “All” filter, we only filter contacts marked as having any of Email, Physical, or Both.
  • We updated the colored dots next to contacts. These dots indicate wether a contact is late on their commitment or not, and how late they are. Now, the dots reflect: Not late is green, 0-30 days late is grey, 30-60 days late is yellow, more than 60 days late is red.

January 23rd, 2018 Release:

  • We are currently investigating reports that users are struggling with MailChimp unsubscribing some of their users unintentionally. If you feel this has happened to you, please let our user support team know immediately by emailing We are sorry if this has effected you, and hope to have it resolved shortly.
  • We’ve added a way to email all of the people within your contact with one quick click. By clicking the new “Email All” button right above People, MPDX will now open a new Email with the primary email address for every person within the contact in the To: field. This will make it easier to email spouses at once, or an entire church missions board. If you use Google Mail, you can set your browser to open the addresses directly in Google. Go Here to find out how.
  • Like you, we here on the MPDX team raise support to work for Cru. And we know, one of the regular parts of our Partner Development process is monthly newsletters. Regularly we hear from users “I love MPDX! It helps me keep my newsletter list in order.” As a part of that we are committed to making MPDX as simple as can be to keep your newsletter list, both email and physical, and create that list to send to others. To make it even easier, we have introduced new ways of exporting your list.
  • Now on the Dashboard, under “Care”, you will see we’ve updated the button from “Log Newsletter” to “Action.” To log your newsletter, you can still click this button, select “Log Newsletter” and log it as normal.
  • Under the “Action” button, you will see two new options. “Export Email” and “Export Physical”. These new buttons give you a quick way to export your newsletter lists. First, let’s start with Email.
    • Export your Email Newsletter List
      • Many of you expressed a desire to easily generate your email newsletter list without having to use MailChimp. We wanted to serve this need as easily as possible. To do so, we’ve created this quick button. When you click this button, MPDX Will do the following:
        • Find all contacts who have an Active Partner Status (any status from None to Partner-Pray).
        • From there, find all contacts who have their newsletter status set to Email or Both.
        • We then take the primary email address for every person within all of these contacts, UNLESS they are marked as “Opted out of email newsletter”. If the person is marked as “Opted Out”, we do not include them in this list.
      • After finding all of the necessary emails, we display them in one small window. By clicking “Copy All”, we copy the whole list to your computer. From there, open a new email, select where you would like to add them (to, cc, bcc) and paste. Now you’re ready to send your email newsletter! Don’t forget to come back and log that you sent it.
    • Export your Physical Newsletter List
      • Along with simplifying the newsletter process, we wa\nted to make it easier to get to your newsletter list. So much like with the email, we set some standard filters for exporting the physical newsletter list.
        • Find all contacts who have an Active Partner Status (any status from None to Partner-Pray).
        • From there, find all contacts who have their newsletter status set to Physical or Both.
      • After finding this list, we give you the option of how to export your contact list. Now you can use it for mail merges, or to send to the prayer letter service if your choice.


  • Made some fixes to the Task windows. Now when selecting “Log Task” we default the date and time to the current date and time. Also, when Marking a task a “Complete” we put the “Add Comment” field back in.
  • At the request of a number of users, we’ve added a couple of new newsletter status filters. Our new options now are “Physical, Email, Both, Physical Only, Email Only, None.” Here’s what each of them does:
    • Physical: All contacts with a status of Physical or Both
    • Email: All contacts with a status of Email or Both
    • Both: All contacts with a status of Both
    • Physical Only: All contacts with a status of Physical
    • Email: All contacts with a status of Email

January 10th, 2018 Release:


  • If you delete an appeal that has donations applied to it, we now remove the donation from the appeal.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting an appeal where it may display an incorrect error message.
  • We resolved an issue with how we display the number of contacts left to resolve in the fix address tool.
  • Updated the fix tools to more clearly show that data comes from the US Donation Services.
  • Fixed an issue with MailChimp incorrectly unsubscribing some contacts.
  • A number of users were experiencing a slow-down when using tasks. The issue turned out to be with tasks having a large number of contacts connected to a single task. Much of this was created when importing tasks like this from TntConnect. We have taken 2 actions to help improve performance: 1) Now when importing from TntConnect, if there is a task with many contacts associated with it, we no create one copy of the task per contact and 2) we have gone back over every task in MPDX and created a copy of the task per contact associated. We believe this will drastically improve the performance.
  • Patched up a bug when using the donation date filter and trying to export the resulting contact list. Now things should work there as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with the Partner Currency Report where the given currency and the salary currency were the same, but MPDX was trying to convert it anyways. Now it should always use a conversion rate of 1 in this scenario.

December 12th Release:

  • As a part of our ongoing usability improvements, we have redone much of the Add, Edit, and Log task windows. Our goal has been to simplify the process as much as possible. The most drastic improvements are listed below.
    • Improve ability to tab through the fields.
    • Selecting contacts just got a whole lot easier. Just click into the area and type in their name! You can add as many as you’d like this way. We will create the same task for every contact added.
    • On all dropdown fields, you can now search via keyboard (ex. Typing “th” into the task type field will will bring “Thank” to the top.
    • Hitting Enter on any part of the window will save whatever information you have currently entered.
  • If you have imported your old TntConnect database in the past and it had appeals data in it, that data should now be visible in MPDX. Enjoy!
  • More MailChimp fixes.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

November 28th Release:

  • Added the ability to delete an appeal. You can find it in the page of that appeal on the left hand bar.
  • Made some updates to the add/edit/log task window. We’ve changed the functionality of the date and time pickers, as well as made sure that hitting “Enter” anywhere in the window saves the task.
  • There was an issue with the import from spreadsheet tool that was causing it to fail for some users. We put extensive work into fixing the issue and improving the stability of the tool.
  • Cleaned up quite a few MailChimp issues. We continue to work hard to ensure the integrity of the MailChimp sync.
  • We have discovered that MailChimp limits the number of “interests” that can be synced to their system. Tags and Partner Status in MPDX are treated as interests. Unfortunately, what this means is if you have more than 45 tags in MPDX, none of your tags or statuses will sync over. To fix the problem, you will need to do two things: 1st, delete unneeded tags in MPDX to get yourself below 45. 2nd, go to your list in MailChimp, click on Manage Contacts, then Groups. Click “View Groups” for Tags, then delete any tags you are no longer using. Once the total for Partner Status and Tags is under 60, the system will start syncing your Tags and Statuses again.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Merge Contacts tool.

November 15, 2017 Release:

  • We’ve started some usability improvements to Tasks. This has been based on user feedback. You will see minor changes over time to make tasks easier to use.
  • Minor background bug fixes.

November 9, 2017 Release:

  • Some quick bug fixes to Appeals. We hope you’re liking it!
  • There was an issue with the Task filter in Contacts when filtering by None. We fixed it.
  • Ongoing MailChimp bug fixing.
  • For users with organizations that user DonorHub, we’ve updated our authorization process to support DonorHub’s move to OAuth. The new process is much more secure. This shouldn’t require any work on your part and should already be working.
  • Task tags were having trouble being deleted, but shouldn’t anymore.
  • When in the add task and log task modals, hitting enter will now Save the task and close the modal.
  • “Motivation” filed is now visible in the edit donation screen. This information comes from your donation services and is not editable in MPDX.
  • Sadly, we have retired Google Contacts sync in MPDX. We have tried hard for years to make this integration accurate and stable. In the end our contact system was not very compatible with theirs. If you already have the Google Contact sync enabled your contacts should remain syncing. If you did not already have this feature enabled, however, we have removed the ability to do so. We will continue to support and maintain the GMail and Calendar syncs with Google. We strive to offer the best, most seamless process for managing your contacts that we can. Unfortunately in this instance, the best way to do this was to not offer the integration. We hope that the MPDX iOS and Android apps can serve your mobile contact needs going forward.

October 31, 2017 Release:


  • Appeals has been reintroduced to MPDX. We have worked very hard to bring this feature back to life with a new design and new functionality. You can go to our help articles on how to Set Up an Appeal and Track an Appeal.
  • We worked hard to make sure that if you imported a TntConnect database in the past with Appeals or Campaign information in it that it would be available in MPDX. If you had Appeals data that was in TntConnect that didn’t make it’s way into MPDX please let us know at
  • Deleted addresses were unfortunately still appearing in contact filters. We’ve fixed this error so it no longer occurs.

October 19, 2017 Release:

  • If you have access to more than one account list in MPDX, you may have noticed an issue over the weekend where contacts from both account lists were showing up at the same time. We apologize that this happened. We found the bug that cause the issue as soon as we could and worked all weekend to clear out the extra contacts. If you feel like you still have contacts in your account that don’t belong please let us know at and we will help you clear them out.
  • Donation graphs for contacts now correctly display if a contact gives more than once in the same month.
  • You can now edit or delete any comment you’ve made on a task, not just the most recent

October 11, 2017 Release:

  • Adding tags to more than 10 contacts had stopped working, so now it’s fixed.
  • Removing tags from more than 10 contacts had stopped working, so now it, too, is fixed.
  • The graph on the dashboard stopped updating if you changed account lists, so we fixed that.
  • There was an issue selecting tasks, but we’ve fixed that, too.
  • Lot’s of background fixes and improvements.

October 4, 2017 Release:

  • MPDX now uses your Google Plus account to import images. If you have the Gmail integration enabled, and one of your contacts is added to your circles on Google Plus, then their photo in Google Plus will sync into MPDX as their avatar.
  • The account creation walkthrough was having trouble for some users. We fixed the issue so it should be much better now.
  • Fixed an issue with the deselect all button on contacts.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries can now be saved without the year.
  • Made the “late at” dots on contacts more accurate.
  • Fix Commitment tool was bugging you too often, so we made it stop suggesting a contact for a year if you have already reviewed them in the tool.
  • Mailchimp Tags were a bit slow to update, so we fixed it up to work better.
  • We worked on the new version of Appeals a lot! Look for that in the near future.

September 26, 2017 Release:

  • MailChimp had a temporary error where it logged campaigns for some users by creating many duplicate contacts. We have fixed the error and cleared out the duplicate tasks. If you still have MailChimp tasks that look like they were created in error please email our user support team.
  • It was discovered that some XML imports had not properly imported due to errors with the donations. We have tried to fix the errors and rerun XML imports to try and fix the issue.
  • There is now a filter in contacts that let you see all contacts that currently have no incomplete tasks.
  • Importing an XML that has birthdays and anniversaries with no year was causing issues where the dates wouldn’t display in MPDX. To fix the issue, we now add the year 1900 if no year is present.
  • The Dashboard Care and Commitment component was having issues for some users. We’ve fixed the issue.
  • We’ve added components to the page when loading to indicate where information will be loaded.
  • We fixed a bug on Map All Contacts in the Actions menu that wasn’t allowing large numbers of addresses to be viewed.

September 19, 2017 Release:

  • The Gmail integration has gotten smarter! Now, instead of syncing every email for every contact in your database, MPDX allows you to specify certain emails to exclude from the sync. So if you have a spouse or coworker that is in your database, you can add them easily and MPDX will no longer sync their emails into MPDX. Click here to see how to add emails.
  • Earlier this week we had an issue with MailChimp that was creating a large number of duplicate tasks for some users who sent out campaigns. We found two separate issues, and fixed both of them. First, even if you didn’t have Log Campaigns selected, MPDX was logging MailChimp campaigns anyways. We have fixed this. Second, when logging campaigns in MPDX, the system was creating thousands of duplicate tasks for that campaign in contacts for a small number of users. We fixed the issue causing this and attempted to automatically delete the duplicate tasks for all effected users. If you believe this happened to you and it was not fixed automatically, please reach out to our help desk and we will resolve this for you.
  • We’ve added the result options of Completed and Received for Pre-Call, Reminder, and Support Letter task types.
  • We updated the Merge People tool to return more likely duplicates.
  • You can now delete a referrer from a contact.

September 12, 2017 Release:

  • We’ve added some improvements to follow-up tasks. Now, whenever you mark a task as complete, and add a “Next Action”, on the new task that opens, we copy over the Subject, Contact, and Tags. We also add a due date 2 days in the future. Hopefully this helps speed up your task creation process.
  • You can now add photos to people and contacts! When looking at a contact, click on the face of the person you want to add a photo for. The photo for the contact will be the photo of the primary person.
  • More MailChimp fixes and cleanup. Fixed an issue where MailChimp was logging campaigns as Emails rather than Newsletter-Email.
  • The Fix Email/Phone/Address tools now don’t ask you to fix a contact if they only have one record. We will just assume that record is valid.
  • More minor bug fixes on the TntConnect import.
  • Category and User Status now import from TntConnect. In MPDX you can find them under notes.

September 06, 2017 Release:

  • We’ve changed the way the MailChimp and MPDX sync works on the first sync. Now, if you already have contacts in MailChimp when you start the sync, MPDX will update the contacts already in MPDX to match what you have in MailChimp, and ensure that everyone that is in MailChimp also is in MPDX, and everyone in MPDX who is marked to receive your email newsletter also exists in MailChimp. We think this will resolve a large number of MailChimp issues we have been seeing.
  • When importing from TntConnect, FundRepId is now converted to a tag, and User Status and Categories also get added to Notes.
  • Fixed a bug where MPDX would recommend you change a contacts commitment info, but the suggestion was the same as the current info.
  • Language filter now has the languages listed in a way that is more understandable.
  • Fix Send Newsletter tool now tells you how many contacts are waiting to be reviewed in the tool.

August 29, 2017 Release

  • Added a new Fix Newsletter tool! Now you can use this tool to check and make sure your newsletters are set properly for all of your partners who are Partner-Financial, Partner-Special, or Partner-Pray.
  • You can now add avatars to people! Click on the avatar in the contacts page to select the photo and upload. The photo for the primary person in the contact will also be the avatar for the whole contact.
  • Added ability to manually set and change timezones for contacts under a contacts details tab.
  • Added totals to Reports at the bottom of the min/max/avg columns in contribution reports.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fix Address tool where you couldn’t select the primary buttons.
  • Fixed an issue with the notification bell showing the wrong amount of notifications.
  • Fixed an issue with account sharing.
  • Fixed an issue with editing languages for contacts in the action menu.
  • Fixed an issue with some addresses where it wasn’t possible to change the location.
  • Fixed an issue with reverse filter buttons.

08-21-2017 Release

  • Added new notifications icon to top right of page! Icon shows you if you have any contacts to either fix their commitment, phone, email, or address, or if you have any contacts or people to merge. Clicking the bell will take you to the page.
  • page now shows you how many contacts you have to review in each tool. If you have work to do in that tool, the tool will show up gold, with a circle and a number at the top. That number is the amount of contacts who need attention.
  • Add “Late by” dots to contacts who have missed gifts on page.
  • Added “Gift Aid” field for users from Agape-UK.
  • Fixed an issue with anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Tasks can now be reassigned to different contacts, or have contacts removed all together.
  • Fixed “Map Selected Contacts” option in Actions menu on page.
  • Fixed an intermittent bug with the Log Task modal where the task would save, but the modal wouldn’t close.
  • Speed and performance improvements.

08-08-2017 Release

  • Task notification emails are all new and improved!
  • “Log Newsletter” button on dashboard now creates an individual completed task for all contacts who receive your newsletter.
  • “Appointments Produced” now shows the correct number on the dashboard.
  • The “Saved Successfully” bar no longer moves the page.
  • Fixed an issue with the Merge Contacts tool.
  • Progress bar color now matches mobile.
  • Updated the standard options in the Gift Date selector.
  • Changed the limit for number of tasks that can be deleted from 25 to 150.
  • Fixed an issue with Upcoming Tasks where it wouldn’t display tasks due tomorrow.
  • Browser Tabs now give more info about which page they’re on.
  • Hovering over long emails now shows you the entire email.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Integration where it wrongly told you it needed reenabled.
  • More Mailchimp Integration bugfixes.
  • Fixed an issue with the salary currency where it wasn’t displaying properly.
  • Added Estimated Annual Capacity to the TntConnect Import.
  • Added Next Ask Amount to the TntConnect Import.

07-26-2017 Release

  • Fixed an issue with the TntConnect import where newsletter tasks weren’t importing properly.
  • Tasks search now includes searching comments and contacts on tasks.
  • More Mailchimp Integration bugfixes.

07-20-2017 Release

  • Bugfix Mailchimp Integration.
  • Bugfix Google Calendar Integration.
  • Fixed an issue with the Google Account Refresh email.
  • Added Armenian.

07-17-2017 Release

  • Bugfixed some TntConnect importing errors.
  • Bugfix some issues with the Gmail Integration.

07-07-2017 Release

  • Fixed a bug where Mailchimp showed a red dot incorrectly in Settings.
  • Fixed Chalkline integration.
  • Updated Tasks comments to accept and display multiple lines of text.
  • Simplified Add Donation process.
  • Fixed Account Invite issues.
  • Updated how Merge Contacts displays.
  • Fixed an issue with creating people.
  • Search box on contacts sidebar now filters sidebar results.
  • Updated Translations.

06-27-2017 Release

  • Action bar on top of Contacts list page and Tasks page will now stay visible as you scroll down the list.
  • In the contact page you can now click on a persons email to open their address in your email client.
  • You can now enter multiple lines of text in task comments.
  • On the contact page, address cards now show their source and when they were last updated.
  • When importing from TntConnect, donations now import in their actual currency rather than assuming USD.
  • Fixed the dashboard graph average calculation so it shows the correct amount.
  • Fixed an issue with the totals in the Contributions by Salary Currency report where currencies weren’t being converted in the totals.
  • Fixed a bug with the relationship selector in people.
  • Added partner name to the Donations report alongside partner account number.
  • In contact search boxes, added “and x more” as last result in the search. Clicking on the message now takes you to the contact page to see the full list of results.
  • Fixed some things that weren’t translating on the Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with reverse filters in tasks on contact status.
  • If there is an issue in the people card, the page will help you know what it is so you can fix it and click save.
  • You can now click on a contact in the Fix Commitment Tool to open that contacts page in a new tab.
  • All dropdowns on the contact page are now translatable.

06-19-2017 Release

  • Importing contacts from Google is now back! You can now import your Google contacts into MPDX from the Tools page.
  • You can now search for partners by name in Add Donation screen.
  • You can now search for accounts by name in Add Donation screen.
  • More bugs fixed in TntConnect and CSV importing.
  • Added ability to import a full name from CSV.
  • Reports now show the date formatted to your Locale.
  • Birthday and Anniversaries on the Dashboard are now formatted to your Locale.
  • When bulk deleting tasks, the next set of tasks now automatically load.
  • You can now add a location to Appointment tasks. Location uses Google Maps Autocomplete to help you fill in the address.
  • People cards now load significantly faster!
  • You can now delete a single tag from multiple tasks at once in the Edit Task modal.
  • In Fix Commitment tool, you can now click on the contacts name to go see that contacts full information.
  • In Merge Contacts and Merge People tools, clicking Merge now takes you back to the top of the page

06-12-2017 Release

  • Fixed up some errors in TntConnect importing process
  • Updated translations.
  • Speed improvements on searching contacts.
  • Fixed some dates that weren’t displaying properly outside US.
  • All alerts are now translatable.
  • Changed the Google Maps button on an address card to navigate to Google Maps rather than opening a map on the page.
  • Fixed an issue with Log Task modal where clicking “Save” would save the task, but not close the modal.

06-06-2017 Release

  • Improved the Date and Time selectors in Task modals to improve usability.
  • Update task modals to more easily input date and time via keyboard.
  • Added help text to contact search boxes.
  • Fixed exporting to csv from reports.
  • Fixed scrolling issues in setup process.
  • Improve the Fix tools for better usability.
  • Add translated text to dropdown menus.
  • Contacts screen now updates when you make changes to a person.
  • Fixed an issue where logged tasks wouldn’t save.
  • Add ability to search for contacts by First Last as well as Last, First.
  • Fixed ability to see contact info in tasks list.

05-30-2017 Release

  • Improved loading speed of individual contact page.
  • Fixed issue with contact list scrolling on contact list page.
  • Fixed issue with top search bar not properly loading list on contact list page when hitting enter.
  • Added ability to see whole tag name by hovering over it in the filters.
  • Added “Reset Filters” button when searching by keyword.
  • Made tags easier to search and use.
  • Improved reliability of CSV and TntConnect imports.

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