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Release Notes: Responsibility Centers, Tag Histories and New Notifications

Responsibility Center Reports

If your organization has financial data available for you in DonorHub or NetSuite you’ll see a new Responsibility Centers report. This report will give you an overview of RCs you have access to and their balances. For RCs you’ve selected as active you’ll also see a 13-month graph showing your balance history.

You can now choose to base your balance on a selection of RCs instead of Designation Accounts. You can do this by simply checking the box on the far right of the RCs you’d like to add to your account balance that displays across MPDX.

Each RC has a simple summary I&E report that shows the sum of income received and expenses paid in each category over the last 12 months. You can then click on the category, the month or the amount in each line to display each individual transaction that make up the respective categories/months/amounts. We think this will be a great way to help you calculate year over year budgets and to quickly discover unexpected transactions.

Each RC has a great transactions report. You are able to filter this report by date, category or by wildcard search. This makes it easy to find transactions quickly.

If you don’t have access to the RC Report reach out to your organization’s finance teams to talk through adding this to your MPDX today! We hope that this will be a powerful new tool helping you manage God’s provision of money well.

Tag Histories Report

Your coaching report now has tag histories for contacts and tasks. This report shares what tags were used over the last 5 weeks. This is a powerful new way of communicating things to your coach that MPDX may not yet keep track of. We’ve seen this feature be used to keep track of how many times trainees asked for support, asked for contacts and more. We think this will help you bridge the gap to gather useful statistics that the MPDX team have not yet thought through!

New Birthday and Anniversary Notifications

MPDX finally can let you know about an upcoming birthday or anniversary via in app notification, email and task. Go to your Notification Settings and tick the boxes to enable this notification. We’ll let you know the day before about your Ministry Partner’s upcoming event to give you some time to contact them!

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