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Make the Move to MPDX

We are committed to helping you and your team move to MPDX. This page will guide you through the process.

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Grow and develop partners quickly.

Moving your team to MPDX presents an unprecedented opportunity to improve you and your team member’s skills in MPD. Most of your team would have received training on an MPD tool when they first joined but they have few opportunities to learn new technologies. Moving to MPDX gives your team the chance to retrain in the same tool to increase your team’s ministry effectiveness.

The right tool for Ministry Partner Development.

We’ve seen some creative spreadsheets, but none comes close to the power of MPDX. MPDX saves you precious time that could be used for developing deeper partnership opportunities or carrying out the work of your ministry. Our team has made MPDX available from any web browser, iOS or andoid device to keep you efficient, connected and fully secure.

High level security and privacy.

Our desire is to protect you, your ministry partners, and your ministry from security and privacy concerns. Your partners have entrusted you and your ministry with a great deal of personal information. MPDX has a focused team of qualified experts working to develop a secure platform to prevent unauthorized data access.

MPDX is the official tool for MPD by Cru.

Cru has been developing MPDX for over five years and developing Ministry Partners for over 50 years. MPDX has been created with heavy involvement from our missionaries, refining and improving each step of the way with testing, research and feedback.

It is developed by Cru, funded by Cru and will continue to be for years to come.

We have spent hundreds of hours on the ground with fellow missionaries in many different locations and situations. We’ve had thousands of email interactions with our users and use MPDX for our own MPD efforts. All of this led to the creation of a tool that combines simplicity with power, helping you do the right things, with the right people, at the right time to grow and maintain your team of ministry partners.

How Can I Make the Move?

MPDX will walk you through the process of on-boarding and setting up your account. You can press the Blue Search Symbol in the bottom right on any MPDX page to begin finding help videos and tutorials based on the page you are viewing. These are made with you in mind to help you learn MPDX at your own pace. You can also watch this recorded training session broken up into sections so you can do it all at once or as you go.

Join over 40,000 other ministry workers.

MPDX helps you quickly grow and maintain your ministry partners so you can focus on ministry.