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Release Notes: Hiding Invalid Contact Information

The MPDX team has developed a way to hide contact information that isn’t up to date to make the accurate contact information for each ministry partner more readily visible.

To simplify what you see for a ministry partner with multiple email addresses and phone numbers, go to the “People” tab on their contact page in MPDX.

Click “Edit” and select the best phone number(s) and email address(es) for that person. 

  • When you mark a number or email “Invalid,” that information will now be hidden on the contact’s MPDX page. 
  • Non-Primary phone numbers and email addresses will appear as part of a collapsable menu on the contact page
  • Locked phone numbers and email addresses cannot be edited or deleted, but CAN be marked “Invalid.” When you mark a locked phone number or email address “Invalid,” that information will now be hidden on the contact’s MPDX page.

The number and email marked “Primary” will be shown with a green checkmark.

Any additional numbers or emails not marked “Invalid” will appear when you click the expand arrow under the contact’s name. Click a second time to collapse the menu and return to seeing only the phone number and email marked Primary.

You will still be able to see the full list of valid and invalid numbers and emails when you click “Edit.”

We hope this is a help to you in your contact management adventures!

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